Cubis 2

Cubis 2 is a fun three-dimensional puzzle game. Here, as you can see, you will eliminate all these cubes on this chessboard. Using the hub launched by the system, it is launched on the cube of the same colour system to form three or more cubes to purify them and complete the game level.

Cubis 2′ s Game Operations

Its operation is simple and easy to use. You only need to make good use of the left mouse button. In Cubis 2, three or more colour-on-colour cubes can be eliminated according to the different colour cubes introduced by the system and put them at the position where the benefits are maximizing. The cubes can be quickly removing. When you upgrade the level, you will encounter fluid that changes colour. Where you play, the hub will adjust the brightness of fluid.

Cubis 2′ s Game Features

In Cubis 2, with the continuous upgrading of customs clearance, the number of cubes you encounter will increase. During the game, the difficulty will gradually increase, and there will be a time limit. What will be tested is not only your observation but also your overall view. The smallest action will bring the most significant benefit and score the most.

Cubis 2, it is a very innovative elimination game, where your main task is to find a location where you can maximize your benefits.  The three-dimensional injection will eliminate more squares.  There is also a need to control the direction and slither io.  This is a game similar to snake eating. You must control it accurately, let it eat and grow up, and avoid the attacks of opponents.

Black and white is a challenging double game, and you must work closely together because they can only jump on their corresponding colour platform.  Of course, you can step on each other’s head to challenge the barrier.  While Bob is a game of breaking through barriers, you will need to help this snail who has lost his place to find a new location.

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